Royal Hampshire Pocket Billiards Display Team

Here’s a toungue-in-cheek logo I have created this evening for Anna’s cousin, James. It’s for his 5000 mile road trip around the States. He and his buddies are going to get it printed on to hoodies and Tee’s – I started with the 2 colour version but am glad I persevered to create the mono (white) one – which looks more retro when distressed and I reckon will look great on the hoodies  – and confuse a few yank chicks, which I kinda get the feeling is the idea! – have a great time James!

Hey they could even get a big sticker printed for the bonnet of their Muscle Car!

Pocket Billiards Logo A


3 thoughts on “Royal Hampshire Pocket Billiards Display Team

  1. It’s amazing!! Definately perfer the one colour in red. They’re gonna look awesome!!! James…can we have a hoody dude!! xxx

  2. cheers Dan,

    just taken delivery of “wife beater” vests, polo’s and a kit bag all logo’d up, they look awesome (and the vests tight!), we also had a load of stickers knocked up

    I will drop round some stuff asap before i go and some beers

    much love


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