Matte Box Media: New Brand

Matte Box Media is an award winning production company, making HD video content for the web and broadcast TV.  MD Matt Smith found us via twitter, had a look around our website and, luckily for us, decided that he really liked Brandtastic’s style and we were the right agency to help him out with a re-brand and relaunch of Matte Box Media.

Matte Box chosen logo

The brief was fairly loose, “I like crisp and clear graphic design, and I like what you have done in the past…” So taking a Matte Box as inspiration to create some kind of icon, I came up with lots of different ideas and then whittled those down to the ones you see below.

After submitting those to Matt and a bit of a chin wag we played around with a couple until hitting on the final design you can see above. The rationale behind the final logo was not only that the “fan icon” was made up of flaps from a Matte Box, but that these were also coloured Red, Green and Blue – or RGB, the colour system that is used to make all images on TV and Computer Screens, which is of course their line of business… I know it’s not rocket science but its still a nice little train of thought that ended up with a nice logo and a happy client!

So after that it was on to a Stationery set and a holding page and eventually a new website too! Matt went with a slightly amended version of Pack 3 from our Fixed Price Design Packs, which was nice as it showed that these can be flexible to suit anyone’s needs.

Matte Box Brand Development

Matte Box Brand Development

Matte Box Holding Page

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