Spirit of the Seventies – Goes Live

Spirit of the Seventies are a new Custom motorcycle and apparel company, that make the most impossibly cool machines!

Brandtastic designed the site based on the Magento CMS and Estore platform, so the guys have the freedom to update content when ever they need, allowing them to easily update text, imagery and even the ability to add new pages, including news articles. Not only that but this platform also gives them an Estore capability with online payment, stock control and any other feature you can think of to run a store online.

Best of luck to Kev and Tim in their new venture, although I’m sure they wont need it – you just have to look at the products to see that. Already positive feedback is flowing in!

Fleet Carnvial

I am very pleased to announce that Brandtastic is the official creative partner of the newly relaunched Fleet Carnival.

Brandtastic will be helping out with all creative output the Carnival needs from the new brand to posters to a lovely new website (coming soon). So watch this space for news and updates. It’s going to be the biggest and best one yet and as a local lad who has been in it 4 times and remembers the halcyon days of the ‘Corona‘ float and an electrocuted Elvis I am very proud to be a part of the next chapter in this brilliant event.

Fleet Carnival Logo

Fleet Carnival Logo designed by Brandtastic

Rio 2016 unveils brand

Personally i think this is pretty boring, when you think of how vibrant and exciting Rio is.

Although London 2012’s isn’t every ones cuppa cha, at least it is fresh (still 4 years later) and attempsts to break the mould of the standard style Olympic logos (which Rio firmly jumps into like plaster of paris!) I love the way that the 2012 brand is flexible and gives sponsorship partners the freedom to change the colour ways if they wish. That is real confidence in your brand!


From Creative review:

Nothing like a good logo controversy to kick off the New Year: the emblem for the 2016 Rio Olympics was unveiled on New Year’s Eve and immediately ran into accusations of plagiarism.

The logo, designed by Rio-based Tátil, “translates the Olympic spirit and the nature, feelings, and aspirations of the athletes, Rio and the cariocas,” according to the official guff. “Different countries, athletes and peoples are joined in a warm embrace – in an individual and collective move, which at a second glance, reveals one of Rio’s most beautiful icons, a vibrant Sugar Loaf, radiating joy, unity, celebration, and friendship.”

However, a story in the Washington Post, following up on Brazilian media reports, alleged a similarity with the logo of US not-for-profit the Telluride Foundation. Tátil’s Fred Gelli put any likeness down to coincidence and noted that the broad concept of people embracing each other is not novel. Quite.

Apparently, Tátil’s design was selected from eight finalists, after a five-month selection process that initially involved 139 agencies. As an exercise in box-ticking it does its job: joyful amorphous people? Tick. Suggestion of diversity? Tick. ‘Friendly’ scripty typeface? Tick. Values that could be ascribed to just about any bidding city? Err.. check.

Lord knows, the London logo has much about it to dislike but at least it’s more memorable than this insipid effort.

UPDATE: one other thing to add – the logo was designed originally, apparently, as a sculpture, meaning that it should work well in 3D applications as well, presumably, when animated.

Creative Review – Rio 2016 unveils logo.

MINI: E-scooters

MINI E-scooter Concept

MINI E-scooter Concept

MINI have released this promo video for their concept scooters. For me it makes perfect sense for this brand to branch out into the scooter world as the fun essence of the MINI brand is a perfect fit with that of scootering. IMHO they have made a brilliant start, although I reckon the iphone key will have to go – unless they give away an iphone with every scooter!


So as a lover of design, retro stuff and all things 2-wheeled this has really got me interested! I want one!

Vision Yacht Sales, brand and advertising

Another brandtastic creation has been released into the big wide world today! – ‘Vision Yacht Sales’ came to us with a requirement for branding, stationery and advertising for their new company.

As you may expect they sell yachts! However unlike other firms of this type they are truly national and can offer a live viewing onboard any of their listings, no matter where you are, via their unique, online ‘liveview’ system. So if you’re in Cornwall you can view a yacht in Scotland within 5 minutes of finding it online!

Given the affluent target audience,  a fairly sophisticated and high-end feel was required which is reflected in the restrained, mono logo and clean typography and quality, non ‘salesy’ photography in the advertising.

Vision are actually based in Scotland and all my dealings with them have been via email, phone and Skype – a great example of how technology can allow us to work with clients anywhere in the world!

Kikibello: Beauty therapy brand

So from a Service Garage to a beauty therapy studio in 7 days, I like diversity!  Kikibello is a beauty treatment studio in Fleet, Hampshire. I created the name based on family names and Italian and spanish words for beauty and beautiful. Imagery and colourways evoke style, beauty and also the bright personality of the owner!

Give Sam a call on: 07920 804470 for all your beauty needs!

Kikibello Beauty Logo

Kikibello Treatments Price List

TK Autotech brand

Here is a logo I have recently created for TK Autotech a new service and repair centre based in Fleet, Hampshire. The font is Museo which comes in 3 good weights and I think is a real cracker! I took my inspiration from car badges and ‘fast car’ trims hence the carbon fibre backgrounds and chrome beveling. Client is really pleased I hope you like it too!

And if you need and MOT, Service or Repair – give Tommy a call!
01252 623355

TK Autotech Brand

Fixed price Graphic Design & Branding work

Through my company Brandtastic I am offering fixed price design packages for all new clients with start-ups. These should be ideal for fledgling companies on a budget, as they can immediately allocate a set amount to their branding marketing materials without the worry of the escalating costs of an hourly rate system. The packs range from a stand-alone logo through to a 4pp brochure or a complete web design.

Have a look at the list below to see the great rates i have on offer then just drop me a line or give me a bell if you want to discuss any new projects.

dan@brand-tastic.co.uk 07825 875 795