Skoda Rally Illustrations

Most of my recent posts seem to have been of other’s work or my branding and web design, well i do have a couple of other strings to my bow!

Something i really enjoy is illustration, here is some i have done for the Skoda Rally team over the last 2 years – these go on T-shirts sold at world Rally events – meeeeeoooow!

Procision Branding & Van Wrap

Procision were formelly JS Electrical Services. As the company grew they found that the core business wasn’t just electrical work anymore but also general property maiantenance, they were also begining to do a lot of work with housing Associations.

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Michael Lyons: Race driver’s brand & website zooms off the grid!

Michael Lyons is a an up and coming young race driver who has a very useful characteristic – winning! Being closet ‘Petrol Heads’ We were really pleased when approached by John from his management team at Elle Sports Management to come up with a brand style, logo and website for him. Continue reading

Jonny Toolbox: Brand & Van Wrap

Jonny Toolbox provide mechanical support at motorcycle race meetings. They really wanted to stand out from the crowd at these busy events so a radical design was needed for the logo and vehicle wrap. Thanks to Luca at Boss Dog for the intro on this one.

Jonny Toolbox Final Van Design

Jonny Toolbox Logo

Jonny Toolbox: initial ideasJonny Toolbox LogoJonny Toolbox Final Van Design

TK Autotech brand

Here is a logo I have recently created for TK Autotech a new service and repair centre based in Fleet, Hampshire. The font is Museo which comes in 3 good weights and I think is a real cracker! I took my inspiration from car badges and ‘fast car’ trims hence the carbon fibre backgrounds and chrome beveling. Client is really pleased I hope you like it too!

And if you need and MOT, Service or Repair – give Tommy a call!
01252 623355

TK Autotech Brand

Royal Hampshire Pocket Billiards Display Team

Here’s a toungue-in-cheek logo I have created this evening for Anna’s cousin, James. It’s for his 5000 mile road trip around the States. He and his buddies are going to get it printed on to hoodies and Tee’s – I started with the 2 colour version but am glad I persevered to create the mono (white) one – which looks more retro when distressed and I reckon will look great on the hoodies  – and confuse a few yank chicks, which I kinda get the feeling is the idea! – have a great time James!

Hey they could even get a big sticker printed for the bonnet of their Muscle Car!

Pocket Billiards Logo A