Skoda Rally Illustrations

Most of my recent posts seem to have been of other’s work or my branding and web design, well i do have a couple of other strings to my bow!

Something i really enjoy is illustration, here is some i have done for the Skoda Rally team over the last 2 years – these go on T-shirts sold at world Rally events – meeeeeoooow!

Jonny Toolbox: Brand & Van Wrap

Jonny Toolbox provide mechanical support at motorcycle race meetings. They really wanted to stand out from the crowd at these busy events so a radical design was needed for the logo and vehicle wrap. Thanks to Luca at Boss Dog for the intro on this one.

Jonny Toolbox Final Van Design

Jonny Toolbox Logo

Jonny Toolbox: initial ideasJonny Toolbox LogoJonny Toolbox Final Van Design

Fleet Carnival: First design work hits the streets

As you may or not know Brandtastic are the ‘creative partner‘ of the all new, relaunched, whizz bang, singing and dancing (is that enough now?) Fleet & District Carnival (You may have seen an earlier post launching the brand we created.)

So with a website now firmly in production it’s time to send the first piece of collateral out into the big wide world. Leaving home today is this advert for the Carnival Princess Disco! Bright, bold, fun and simple… Go get em’ tiger

Fleet Carnival Princess Disco Advert

Fac 251: Very nice graphic design

Fac 251, the newly reopened Hacienda, are putting a lot of effort into, and succeeding (IMHO), coming out with some lovely GRAPHIC design on their flyers recently. A lot of it is inspired by the original design work of Peter Saville who was responsible for the amazing and iconic design work that went along with the first ‘Hac’.

As a side note i recently read a brilliant book by Peter Hook, “The Hacienda- How not to run a club” it’s very funny and well written with lots of stories and tales of what went on behind the scenes during the iconic club’s short life.

Louise Rogers: 3 Shows & Pro brand

Here is a brand I have recently been working on for Louise Rogers; TV presenter, Fitness Coach, IFBB Professional competitor and former UK Body Fitness champion no-less! Louise’s fitness brand is called “3 Shows & Pro” because she is unique in being good enough to turn professional after only 3 Body Fitness shows.

2008 UK Body Fitness Champ!

As well as the brand representing Louise’s personal Training business, it is also hoped it will be used on endorsements and apparel as it becomes more established. For this reason I have gone down the route of something that can easily be used in a ‘badge’ format for partnerships as well as a stand alone logo.

So here is the first round of routes that have been presented to Louise and I’m very pleased to say she loved them – next stage is to whittle these down to 2 possibles across some collateral to see how they work in situ, then the final choice. It’s ‘logo idol’! which do you think has the ‘x-factor’? I’d love to know

3 Shows & Pro Logos

Stage One

Exhibition Stand – Crylolife

I don’t just do logos and websites! Here is an exhibition stand i have recently designed and created all the artwork for along with these 3D renders. Some of the subject matter is not for the squeamish but its great to get to work on something different both in application and subject.

Will I ever get time to sort the brandtastic site and get all these examples (and loads more) up in to the t’inter web?

Cryolife Exhibition Stand

3D Mock up: Illustrator and Photoshop

Kikibello: Beauty therapy brand

So from a Service Garage to a beauty therapy studio in 7 days, I like diversity!  Kikibello is a beauty treatment studio in Fleet, Hampshire. I created the name based on family names and Italian and spanish words for beauty and beautiful. Imagery and colourways evoke style, beauty and also the bright personality of the owner!

Give Sam a call on: 07920 804470 for all your beauty needs!

Kikibello Beauty Logo

Kikibello Treatments Price List

Fixed price Graphic Design & Branding work

Through my company Brandtastic I am offering fixed price design packages for all new clients with start-ups. These should be ideal for fledgling companies on a budget, as they can immediately allocate a set amount to their branding marketing materials without the worry of the escalating costs of an hourly rate system. The packs range from a stand-alone logo through to a 4pp brochure or a complete web design.

Have a look at the list below to see the great rates i have on offer then just drop me a line or give me a bell if you want to discuss any new projects. 07825 875 795