Oset Trials Illustration

Oset make electric trials bikes for children from 2 to 10 years old. They are the market leader in this field – in fact i think they invented the market! Brandtastic recently helped them out with illustration and graphic design for promotional clothing and exhibition stand graphics.

I created this illustration that could be used across their marketing material, especially promotional clothing and an exhibition stand for the upcoming Dirt Bike Show – the biggest UK event for all off road motorcycling.

The base for the illustration was actually a photo of the owner’s son riding one of the bikes – He is very pleased to have been immortalised on cool Hoodies!

Jonny Toolbox: Brand & Van Wrap

Jonny Toolbox provide mechanical support at motorcycle race meetings. They really wanted to stand out from the crowd at these busy events so a radical design was needed for the logo and vehicle wrap. Thanks to Luca at Boss Dog for the intro on this one.

Jonny Toolbox Final Van Design

Jonny Toolbox Logo

Jonny Toolbox: initial ideasJonny Toolbox LogoJonny Toolbox Final Van Design

Spirit of the Seventies – Goes Live

Spirit of the Seventies are a new Custom motorcycle and apparel company, that make the most impossibly cool machines!

Brandtastic designed the site based on the Magento CMS and Estore platform, so the guys have the freedom to update content when ever they need, allowing them to easily update text, imagery and even the ability to add new pages, including news articles. Not only that but this platform also gives them an Estore capability with online payment, stock control and any other feature you can think of to run a store online.

Best of luck to Kev and Tim in their new venture, although I’m sure they wont need it – you just have to look at the products to see that. Already positive feedback is flowing in!

North Hants Trial: Bagshot Heath 16/05/2010

Great trial on sunday, great sections using new bits of the land that i hadn’t ridden before. Started of a bit shaky (too much ale the night before!) but finished with a lap of only 2 marks lost so quite happy. Bike still sounding a bit like a tractor and the fork seal has really gone now so i think a session in DC senior’s ‘clinic’ is in order.

Thanks everyone who helps run the trials!

Bagshot Heath 16th May 2010

Dad at Bagshot Heath 16/05/2010

Up the hill and round the trees! Bagshot Heath 16/05/2010

Top photos from Ian Shute here: www.flickr.com/photos/gixershagger/sets/72157623956686171/

Thames MCC Motorcycle Trial at Frensham Vale, Nr Farnham. 31-01-10

2010-01-31 Thames MCC-9807, originally uploaded by Shutes Images.

A great trial at Frensham Vale, Farnham, Surrey last Sunday. When I say great, great if you like mud, mud and more mud (oh and a load of 5’s to go with it!).

This was the second round of the Thames MCC club champs, I have only joined Thames this year and it seems like a great club, friendly people, well organised and with club champs to boot –  which is great to add a bit of real ‘sport’ – the trophies looked nice too, although i doubt i’ll get one of those (this year!! – my time will come!!)

I recruited 2 new members for the club, James Finn and Matt Wright who both had thier first adult trials outings on newly acquired Gassers. James is a former Super-Moto rider and Matt used to ride for the South of England as a schoolboy. Both went straight in on the red route and fared well – James had to retire with a knackered clutch just as he was getting his confidence up, which was a shame but he will be back! Mat (king of the bounce grip) showed he still had his old skills, we both started with cleans at section 1, (if only that had been how it continued!!) – i think we were pretty close in the end, but i reckon he got be by a couple of 3’s

Heres to the next (a bit drier) one.

Feet up!!


Big thanks to Ian Shute for the photos

The Dirt Bike Show

Had a great day at The Dirt Bike show with Dad, saw some great stuff.

The 2010 Sherco was ace, symmetrical exhaust pipe and tank along with easily access to the engine and spark plug etc, so you dont have to take the bugger apart just to change a plug! But i do have to say all most of the plastics seemed a bit brittle and, well…plasticy almost as it was a toy. I also really like the new Gas Gas but i still have a massive soft spot for that Gold and Black Raga Gasser – mainly because its looks like an old 80’s super burner!

The live show was really good to with a ‘Kickstart’ style timed course rides including Michael Brown and James Dabill. There was also a mini bike stunt team – back flips in a cow shed anyone?

Raga replica Gas Gas

Mmm...black and Gollllld


2010 Gas Gas

2010 Gas Gas

2010 Gas Gas

2010 Gas Gas

Me on a 450 KTM

Me on a 450 KTM

Mini Bike stunts

Mini Bike stunts

Sherco 2010

Sherco 2010

Symetrical Tanks and Exhaust

Symetrical Tank and Exhaust

Sherco 2010 Engine

Sherco 2010 Engine

Really looking forward to The Dirt Bike show now

Up early tomorrow to travel to Stonleigh park in Coventry for the 2009 Dirt Bike show, should be a great day out with the Old Man.

Hopefully i can get a new headlamp unit and front guard for the DR 125. So other things to see apart from headlamps, well maybe some other headlamps…in ahem, lycra!, loads of cool Trials, Enduro and MX bikes and some live trials displays just like Kickstart.

So, Trials bikes every where, Lycra ladies, bargains, a trip with Dad – could it get any better? hmm maybe a couple of pints at lunch??

Full report to follow!